I started Thai Boxing 10 years ago, I was at one point over 20 stone and hated exercise... during my first session i have to admit I nearly passed out, but it was so unlike any other exercise i had ever done, it was fun it was cool and it was anything but boring.


A couple of years on and my old instructor moved to Dubai, I started to attend Bolton thai Boxing Club and discovered the same level of instruction, the same passion and dedication and such immense friendliness... I have drifted back and forth over the years as people do but have and always will come back to this club.


The reason I am not training now is due to a long term ankle injury and other health issues, but I will always continue to recommend Muay Thai, and especially Sandy Holt's Bolton Thai Boxing Gym not just to people wanting to lose weight and get fit, but to anyone wanting to meet a wonderful set of new weird and wonderful friends, and gain confidence, humility, respect, and an irreplaceable lust for life xx


Abi Cummings

I have been coming to Sandy's for over 18 months now, and since day 1 I have felt welcomed and part of the BTBC family. All the classes are planned so that everyone can partake whether you are a beginner or experienced. I feel really comfortable here and always look forward to coming for another class. I would highly recommend coming here to anyone


Kate Johnson



"Since my very first visit to Bolton Thai Boxing Club I have always found the Instructors to be very friendly, supportive and extremely professional. They have a real talent for focusing on the needs of each individual student and with a combined wealth of experience, are able to help each student achieve their own initial individual goal while at the same time actually exceed each students expectation. A welcoming, family friendly atmosphere, Genuinely nice people, zero swearing tolerance, great place for my children too and a tremendous “all inclusive” approach to helping you feel better about yourself, makes for a pleasant, fun, uplifting, all round amazing experience."


I began training at Bolton Thai Boxing Club in September 2012 due in the most part because of my girlfriend. Danielle had been training with Sandy and the other instructors since the beginning of 2012 and it was clear she loved it as it was all she could talk about. She raved about how good the instructors were, how warm and friendly the atmosphere of the gym and its members are and mostly the confidence training in Muay Thai had brought her along with a fitter healthier body. Danielle loved the family aura of the club and the feeling of being part of something and continually encouraged me to join.


Since the beginning of 2012 I was also in the process of training but on my own which consisted of resistance training at a local gym and road running 3 times a week. I know now that although I enjoyed my training there was something missing. When I eventually took up Danielle’s advice and joined Bolton Thai Boxing Club I found out what it was.


It is safe to say Danielle was right and I’m hooked. I train at the gym now as much as I possibly can and the enjoyment and fulfilment I get is a million times more than my previous fitness program. I’m alot fitter, stronger, leaner and more confident than ever before and this is all down to the help and guidance my instructors at BTBC have given me. The classes are always very vibrant, different and fun while also giving you the best workout possible. For me personally the reason I go as often as I can is not so much to get fit but to improve in Muay Thai and fortunately getting fit is part and parcel of it.


I can’t wait to do my first grading and interclub and I’m so glad I started as it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.


David Scully


Muay Thai with sandy and the gang has helped me no end. I arrived weighing the scary part of 18 stone, unfit and without confidence. After 6 months i am now over 3 stone lighter, a whole lot fitter and much more outgoing! I can now get up in a morning and have lost my lazy attitude. Nothing worth doing is ever easy and Thai boxing has given me the results and more while making it fun at the same time. The determination it has brought me is helping me in every aspect of life and I now know I can do anything if I want it enough. Huge thanks to sandy and kru, best thing I ever did Oliver Latham-Holt




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