I trained at Bolton Thai boxing club for many years, the gym and equıpment is of a very hıgh standard, discipline in the gym is also very high No swearing and Respect must be given to fellow students and Instructors alike.   No one is ever forced to spar fıght or do anythıng you don't feel comfortable doıng, BTBC has turned out an array of Champıons from Area to World Champıons, ı was lucky enough to traın ın an era wıth these people when fıghtıng was foremost ın muay thaı gyms.


Nowadays BTBC caters for everythıng from just keepıng fit to stepping into the ring to fight or compete in an interclub, the path you take is your own choice.  Myself now at 48 I live in Turkey and still learning and Teaching Muay Thai at Fethiye Muay Thaı Gym (http://www.facebook.com/fethiyemuaythai.gym?ref=ts&fref=ts) to list a few people who i was lucky enough to learn from and train with Sandy Holt, Jussy Senturk, John Taylor, Trevor Hine, John Hale, Wayne Fearn, Andy Morris and last but certaınly not least Craige Brown, most of them you will find in the champion list on this site well folks eat well train hard take care,   Mick 50


Mick Roberts

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Your gym is truly an inspirational place. I first attended over 20 years ago and always loved the spirit and the people when ever I attend. Bolton Thai boxing club has helped myself and my family in ways you can't describe. Yourself and the other instructors are salt of the earth and now more than ever in this increasing world with all its struggles, the club is needed now more than ever. You don't have to attend all the time but the life lessons you learn from BTBC help others 2nd 3rd  and 4th hand etc..  I truly hope Bolton Council or anyone in positions to keep the club alive, help you in finding a relocation and funding.


BTBC is known from places all over the world, for its community work, team spirit and Thai champions; and it should be recognised as one of Bolton's landmarks. BTBC allows for social inclusion, community spirit and health and well-being, is welcoming from the minute you open the door to leaving buzzing with good vibes.

Helping the mind, body and soul.


BTBC is imperative to the town and community of Bolton, come on and fund the best place in town!!



BTBC by the sea.




Tracey & Lee Fallows


Roy Abram

I've been Thai boxing for 25 yrs since I was 21 it helped me while I was going through a custody battle over my daughter! It helped me stay in control of my emotions and actions and gave me the self confidence I needed, then I had a break 10yrs later my life took over me! Then I was going down hill mentally and emotionally NRG and realised the Thai boxing and the benefits it gave me was missing!  Then I looked around and seen Sandy the Mad man! With my loud mad happy personality I don't always fit in! But Sandy Holt  and Jussy Foo both champions in ring but mainly outside ring made me so welcome and within couple lesson I felt part of a family  and then had a break while looking after my grandparents! And knew something again was missing from my life! I knew instantly it was my Thai Boxing and Bolton Thai boxing club, this is the reason I Travel from Runcorn to Bolton weekly because I can the benefits both mentally and Physically and the old Roy coming back because of BTBC my Church! And family and meet so many friends through BTBC it's awesome! I really can't thank them enough for how they have made my life and much happier and better place by just being them! I feel I'm back on track especially coming out of a bout of depression! I really do love my life and Thai Family

We took our son to BTBC nearly 3 years ago (age 5) to learn self defence. Whilst originally you would think it was just another kids class and no one would care much after the lesson was done and moneys were exchange it quickly became apparent that was not the case. Everyone in the club genuinely cares about the welfare of everyone involved whether you are a parent or a student, from the moment you arrive you are greeted by smiling happy faces and when you leave you are showered with good praise if you have done well and if you haven't then the instructor will discuss your behaviour with you in a constructive and positive manner. All the adults who are present will act as role models to the children which is amazing. Discipline is an important part of the classes, and the children and adults alike learn respect in the club for each other and themselves. I have joined recently myself and have seen a marked improvement in my overall fitness and my mental health, because when I come to the club I leave all my worries outside. I am of the opinion that instead of prescribing medication to teenagers/children who need help with anxiety, depression, self esteem and other mental health issues they should be prescribing a course of classes at BTBC. They will learn amazing things, self worth, self respect, self esteem, self control and respect. BTBC is not just a Muay Thai club its a family and one i am happy to be a part of.


Carla Rigby