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Been training at Bolton Thai for a good number of years , enjoy all aspects of the training. The atmosphere is always brilliant and the people that I have met over the years have all been very nice with no egos ( very family friendly ) . Many times before I train I’ve been feeling a little low but always leave buzzing . All the instructors have always been great and I now call them my friends . I just hope the club can carry on well in to the future as I know many people including myself depend on this place both physically and mentally.Thanks to everyone involved in keeping the gym a great place to be, hope to be still training here for many years to come

Chris Preston

The most inclusive, non judgemental, family friendly, single people wanting to keep fit and meet new people/make new friends, old, young…. Etc etc place to train.


Bolton Thai boxing is fantastic, shame I’ve moved out of Bolton or I would still train there. Great for the younger generation- all staff members incorporate keeping fit with respect for self and others including self esteem boosting and self protection. Promoting physical and positive mental health.


An excellent place to keep fit and meet new people!

38 years of Thai…. Keep teaching the good stuff “Team Bolton Thai”

Kelly Ince Smith

I first attended Sandy Holt’s gym with my oldest daughter in 2017, she had some long-standing behavioural difficulties at home, school and in social settings that despite support from various sources we were not able to overcome but rather had to learn to manage and live with. I heard about Sandy and the work he does with children around discipline and at the same time she is learning some valuable self-defence skills whilst keeping fit both physically and mentally.


Despite some initial nerves and making the first steps to walk through the door within a short space of time we found there was a noticeable positive change in her behaviour which was also commented on at school. Sandy dedicated time outside of gym/class times for calls/messages showing a genuine interest in how she was getting on and providing valuable support to me as a parent.


4 years later me and my daughters train 4/5 days per week and my oldest daughter has progressed on to her A levels when at one point she was facing permanent exclusion from school. Without the input from Sandy and his team who are also fantastic I think her outcome may have been completely different. The gym is the most positive and diverse place I have ever been to accomodating all needs/levels/abilities which I have never seen at any other gym (and I have attended many!).


I consider Sandy, his team and the members I train with good friends who all pull together and rally round in times when life throws us those curve balls and in today’s world is vital to people’s wellbeing.


Over the years I have seen the work in and around the local community, driving positivity and change for the better around topics such as anti-bullying, drugs and knife crime and see first-hand how essential the gym is to so many people in and around the local community.


The gym offers so much more than just fitness/Thai Boxing classes it’s a place where some members go back decades and now bring their children or even grandchildren to train, families of all abilities and ages can participate in classes together and everyone is made to feel welcome.


We’ve learnt self-defence skills, made lifelong friends, had support during tough times and offered this back, had fun, participated in charity events raising money for local charities, my children have an enhanced respect for discipline and rules, they’ve also built skills in managing conflict and dealing with situations in a mature way.


The list goes on but most importantly it has promoted a positive mindset and way of life enhancing our overall health and mental wellbeing.

Sarah Bax




I have been a member of Bolton Thai boxing club since July 2021 and it has helped me many ways in school, out of school and overall everywhere. It has helped me with being bullied, standing up for myself and my confidence has shot up since then. I have had a lot fun experiences and had made many great friends so I am proud to be a member of Bolton Thai boxing club. OOSH


Thankyou sandy, jussy and all other trainers


-Kadyn age 13



Kadyn Simpson