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I took my son Kadyn Simpson to Bolton Thai Boxing Club in July 2021. He'd not had the best start to the year, both in school and in his personal life. Let's just say I felt his confidence needed a boost.  We walked through the door to be greeted with smiles from both trainers and established members alike. Kadyn loved it.


The instructors were excellent, disciplined but just to the right extent.  I then decided to join! Which for a 50 something year old was no mean feat, grow old gracefully not I.


My fitness levels have grown considerably,and considering I couldn't even do a sit up when I joined to where I am now, I'm pretty proud of myself.


The club is good for all ages,and all levels of fitness. There where even 3 generations training together the other day.

The club contributes greatly to charities. Its fantastic for the community. Theres time for everyone, including people/children with special needs and challenging behaviors young and old alike.


Sandy Holt is a very well known member of the community. He is well respected as is his club by young and old alike.

When I say this is a Thai boxing club (if carlsberg did) oops 10 pushups.


For myself and my son it's much more it's family, it's a place to feel safe, warm and welcome, But then you would really have to go to understand the commeraderie.


I really really wish Sandy, Jussy and the team, all the luck in the world in their next chapter. There's no'one deserves it more.


Thankyou Sandy and Jussy for your continued support both in and out of the club.


TEL: 01204 395807


When I moved to Bolton in 2017, i was in desperate need to find a place where I can rest my stressed mind out, and get my body moving.


This club gave me a good mental health, healthier physique, and plenty of friends.


Thai boxing, where do I start...? I started training about 23 years ago after trying gyms, swimming etc.. I wanted something more, something different and not mundane.

I visited Sandys gym and watched one session - I was back the very next day to train. Welcomed into the gym and my new "thai family" - listening and understanding what I wanted to get from it and how they could help me.


Fast forward a few years, made many friends and was training up to 5 times a week - I was hooked! I needed to take a bit of time out due to illness but when I went back, it was like I'd never left. Same faces, same smiles and even a few new ones.


My instructors each took the time out to listen to my needs and capabilities and how we - together, could work around them to get me back to my pre-state. Each instructor has their own teaching technique and style making each class diverse. And what the instructors don't know, isn't worth knowing.


Thai boxing hasn't just given me physical fitness, it's given me confidence especially when out travelling alone cross country for work or on a night out, its great for your mind - especially if you've had a bad day. This gym has also introduced me to many many caring people some have become my closest friends. Thank you









My name is Steve Honour


I have been involved with Bolton Thai Boxing Club for over 30 years, as a gym member, a fighter and an instructor. During the years I have been with the club I have experienced quite a few personal set backs and problems. The club has helped me through 2 divorces, job changes and other personal problems. This is not just a Thai Boxing Gym where people turn up train and leave. It is a way of life, it teaches respect, tolerance and discipline to all and also welcomes visitors with open arms as a new family members. I personally witnessed the changes in individuals who have problems from alcohol, drugs and abuse. It is great when you see this happen and these people then help others who are suffering. People are mentored, coached and taught how to defend themselves, grow their personal confidence and respect others. If individuals request it they will also be taught how to compete in the ring and the club has produced many champions through the years which is an incredible complement to the way the club has been run and lead through the years by Sandy & Jussy and a plethora or other high quality instructors/ individuals who have passed through the club some opening their own gyms with the experience gained at Bolton Thai Boxing Club.