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Would just like to say that making the decision to train at Bolton Thai Boxing club with Sandy Holt and Jussy Phoenix is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life .


I was one of Sandy Holt’s original students at Sitnarong    camp brought to the Uk By Master Sken .


As a 16 year old full of energy and testosterone I often found myself getting into trouble both in school and out , until I decided to have a re set in my life and started Thai Boxing . From the first lesson back at Silverwell Street back in 83 I realised that respect and channeled aggression was the perfect solution to completely changing my out look on life and learning that respect and discipline where everything.

Through living abroad and down in the south east I moved away from Thai Boxing , however a big percentage of my friends still to this day I met at Bolton Thai Boxing club . And from my experience each and everyone of them have turned out to be successful in there personal and professional lives , and I am sure that the discipline and respect they gained for there club and there selves has contributed to this .


As i always had fond memories of my days back at Sandys , when it came to my teenagers seeking more interest and a sport to get involved with I decided to take them both down to train. I casually asked Sandy if I could join in as I was sceptical and concerned that I was too old .


And yes I stared training  again this time with both Sandy and Jussy . Six and a half years later I am still training usually two to three times a week .


My wife has also started Thai Boxing now but I won’t disclose her age. Both our kids now have grown up and are in there early twenties  both still really enjoy the training.


Both Jussy and Sandy are fantastic role models and fabulous instructed .I can honestly say there is nothing I know of better for relieving stress and getter super fit than Thai Boxing .



I started Thai boxing at bolton Thai boxing at the age of 13 I was a shy girl and didnt have any confidence.


I spent between 4 to 5 years training intensely at the gym and achieved so much I took gradings and participated in interclubs and went on to do semi professional junior fights I also volunteered and helped out during kids classes all of this improved my confidence and it kept me of the streets during my teenage years and out of trouble, I made so many friends and it was like having a extended family our very own community and everyone is there for each other.


I met my partner at the gym and we have been together for 15 years and have 3 children and we still have connections to the gym. I believe Thai boxing is great for helping people's state of minds ,my dad suffered from depression but he was so happy when he was in the gym, he made friends and he went to watch shows and demonstrations, he would always be at ring side recording the fights for me and other at the gym and it created a closer bond between me and my dad and I have so many special memories of him and it is all thanks to bolton Thai boxing club it truly is a home away from home and I will forever be thankful for the life skills, confidence, memories and family it has given me.





My son has been training with Sandy Holt for over 18 months now in 121 sessions as he struggles with large classes as he is autistic.


Sandy understands my sons needs and tailors the session to meet them. I’ve loved watching so much I now join in too!!


We always have so much fun at Sandy Holts whilst also coming out having worked harder than any training session we’ve done before.

Sandy is very knowledgeable and explains each exercise and move so we understand how to do it and also when it might be needed.

We can’t thank Sandy enough for all he has done for our son and look forward to our sessions every week.


Joe Harper

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